Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What if my MC/DJ gets sick or has an emergency and can't perform?

We are ready for any contingency.  We have a staff of highly trained and professional performers, each with the skill and personality needed to run a successful party.  Should the rare case of an emergency keep your performer from attending your party, we have plenty of highly qualified performers ready to go on a moment's notice.  And because the planning of your event is centralized at our office, in the unlikely case of needing to replace your performer we have all of your preferences, party schedule and music requests ready to send to your replacement so nothing gets left out.  We will NEVER send a replacement for an MC or DJ who you have reserved by name without discussing it with you first.

Question:  Do you provide back-up equipment in case something goes wrong?

Yes.  Even though we use top quality professional equipment and test it often to ensure its reliability, we bring back-up equipment to every party just in case of emergencies.

Question:  Is equipment set-up and break-down time covered in our cost?

Yes.  Packages are generally for four hours, starting and ending with the music.  We take all the time we need to set up and be ready ahead of time, and to break down and clean up afterward, but that is our time and does not cut into the party time for which you have us booked.  There may, however, be an additional early set-up fee if you request that our equipment be set up and ready to go earlier than the standard set-up and booking time.

Question:  Are there any taxes or additional fees on top of the standard cost of services?

Because we are a service-based rather than a product-based business, there are no taxes assessed on our services.  Aside from the basic cost of services, there are two potential additional costs which may be applicable in certain circumstances:  The first is a mileage fee on events outside of our immediate area; please call the office to discuss your approximate party location and whether or not a mileage fee would apply.  The second is the early set-up fee described above.

Question:  May we get in touch with references?

Referrals from past customers is our biggest source of business, and is one of your best indicators of how we work.  We would be happy to provide you with contact information for some of our past clients so you can find out what others have thought of our services and why they booked us.

Question:  Are you licensed and insured?

Slater Entertainment is licensed as a Los Angeles City-based business and carries a $2 million aggregate liability insurance policy for the protection of you, your guests and our company.

Question:  What is your booking process and payment schedule?

The first step is to do all the research you need to do to be comfortable and confident that we are the right company for you.  Once you know you would like to use our services, we send you a concise, one-page contract for you to sign.  This protects both you and our company, ensures that our liability insurance policy will be in effect, and solidifies our commitment to each other.  You return that contract to us with a deposit (generally one-third of the total package price) in the form of a check (made out to Slater Entertainment) or a credit card authorization to charge your deposit (there is a section right on the contract to authorize use of Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card).  If you have chosen a specific performer to reserve, we reserve your date and performer to assure that he does not get booked on any conflicting affair, and send you back a copy of the contract for your records.  Your 2nd payment (generally the 2nd third of your total) is generally due 4 months prior to your party date and your final payment (the last third of your total) is generally due 3 weeks prior to your party date.

Question:  Once we decide to use your services, how early should we book with you?

Over the years our performers have gotten more and more popular in the Southern California Bar/Bat Mitzvah market.  In order to assure availability it is best to do your research on entertainment as quickly as possible, and once you have decided that we are the right company for you, to book your package with us without delay.  If you are booking interactive assistants (dancers) or considering adding them later, it is best to book them as early as possible so we can reserve the best, most interactive dancers for you while they are still available.

Question:  What is the planning process once we have booked your service?

Once you book our services, we are always here to provide any service or answer any questions you might have.  Between the time you book us and about two months before your party, you should jot down some notes after any party you attend which has an MC/DJ.  Write down what you liked and what you did not like about those parties, including how the MC interacted with the audience and his level of interaction, games that were done with the kids (if it was a Bar/Bat Mitzvah), and how those parties flowed.  This list will be important when you start finalizing details and decide what you want for your celebration.  About two months before your party we will send you our Planning Sheets which will help you to gather the details that will be important in finalizing all the details.  Once we receive that sheet from you we will contact you to set a date and time to finalize details and set a schedule that flows nicely with no "down time" which you can pass on to catering, videography and photography so that we are all on the same page.  We will confirm all details with you during the week before your party to be sure your MC knows and can provide exactly what you want for your party so that you are free to relax and enjoy during the party while your MC handles everything.

Question:  How early do you arrive at parties?

Our goal is to arrive early enough that your guests don't see us setting up, and to be all set up, sound-checked, and ready to go well before your party's start time.  Generally we will arrive to set up approximately 60 to 90 minutes before party start time (or earlier if there is lighting or other additional set-up) so that we are set up with plenty of buffer time just in case of any unexpected set-up delays.  The additional time that we allot for set-up before your party is for our use only and cannot be used to play music.  If you request that we turn on the music before the time at which we are booked to begin, your booking time will begin at this new, earlier start time and will expire at the end of your total time booked, with the option of adding additional overtime at standard overtime costs.

Question:  Can we request certain music to be played or not to be played?

We will always take your music requests while planning your celebration, as well as those of your guests at the party (unless you request that we do not take requests).  If you have specific song requests, we suggest you make a list short enough to allow your DJ to use his experience to read the crowd and choose the music he feels will make the party work.  If there are certain songs or artists that you do not want played for any reason, it is important for us to have that "Do Not Play" list as well.  We also have a number targeted music suggestion sheets to give you ideas of songs and artists in specific categories or from different decades or genres.

Question:  We don't want it to be too loud.  Can you accommodate?

Yes.  This is one of biggest concerns that people have when attending or planning a party with musical entertainment.  While good dance vibes are important, most people also want to allow their guests to hear themselves and each other and be able to socialize, especially while eating and conversing at their tables.  When running your party, we take the perspective of those attending, realizing that they want to be entertained by good music and good energy but not be blown away.

Question:  Is lighting necessary for a night time party?

For the same reason that dance clubs all have some type of lighting, it is advantageous to have dance lighting at your night time party:  It creates more color and energy and draws more attention to the dance space.  Although it is not a bottom-line necessity for a great party, lighting will definitely add an element of energy and movement to your party.  Not everyone needs huge, concert-style lighting trusses.  Our lighting packages are designed to provide professional, club-style lighting that is cost-effective.

Question:  Are interactive assistants (dancers) necessary at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

It depends upon the size of your party and your entertainment goals.  Although not absolutely necessary to the success of a party, assistants can be a big help in engaging groups of kids and/or adults, especially at parties which have groups of 30 kids or more.  Although the MC does get to interact with your crowd, he is also taking care of many party details so that you don't have to, so his interaction with the crowd is more limited than that of an interactive assistant who is there to interact for the entire four hours of party time.  With large groups of kids, interactive assistants enable the MC to do his job of keeping the entire crowd engaged and entertained without getting distracted by small groups of kids who may be acting out or need close attention.  Please call our office to discuss whether or not interactive assistants may be the right choice for you and your celebration.

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